By Dr. Julie Knerr

This has been an exciting month in Piano Safari world. Katherine Fisher lives in Athens, Ohio, and teaches at the Athens Community Music School. Her husband, Dr. Christopher Fisher, teaches at Ohio University, which is how the Fishers ended up in Athens.

I (Julie Knerr) lived in Oklahoma up until a month ago (and was in Kenya in July on a missions trip! How’s that for traveling a lot?). But because we really want to spend this school year focusing on developing Piano Safari, I moved to Athens, Ohio. I will also be teaching through ACMS, and am really having a great time living in this beautiful town, getting to know the local coffee shops, and giving long piano lessons to the Fisher’s very bright 4 year old son! I’m sure this blog will include anecdotes about those lessons!

I gave up my studio in Norman, Oklahoma, and my job at Oklahoma City University, to embark on this adventure. I miss my students but look forward to this year of writing, teaching, and being close to the Fishers.

My plan is to devote this year to Piano Safari and then move to Connecticut to live and work and be close to the ocean!

365 days to go! The clock has started ticking. We apologize to anyone who has followed Piano Safari and wondered, “Why don’t they get things done faster?” Between 2 dissertations, 3 job moves, 3 full time piano studios, 2 small children, and 1000 miles distance, working has been difficult. But that is all about to change! So please keep checking for our newly designed website at, which should be up in the next few weeks.

Have a great day! I’m off to meet two new students!