by Dr. Julie Knerr
Katherine Fisher has created the video below explaining the seven Animal Technique Videos found in:

The seven Animal Techniques were derived from my dissertation research on beginning piano technique. I interviewed eleven teachers known for their success with pre-college students. After finding the commonalities among how they teach, I formulated these exercises, and we gave them animal names to make them more appealing to students. You can read my dissertation here.

The seven exercises are:

  1. Lion Paw. Arm Weight
  2. Zechariah Zebra. Repeated Notes with Firm Fingertips
  3. Tall Giraffe. Non Legato Articulation
  4. Tree Frog. Legato Articulation with a Arm Bounce
  5. Kangaroo. Repeated Notes with Firm Fingertips
  6. Soaring Bird. Legato Articulation with one Arm Motion for the Three-Note Slur
  7. Monkey Swinging in a Tree. Rotation

In Level 2 of Piano Safari, students learn Five Finger Patterns, Triads, and other Special Exercises for keyboard patterns and choreography in Technique Book 2.

Enjoy the video!