by Dr. Julie Knerr

I have had two students recently learn Stormy Seas, from Repertoire Book 2. (Student in the video is not one of the two.)

One student, who has Aspergers and perfect pitch, left the bench during his lesson without explanation, walked over to his mom, and whispered, “Mom. I LOVE Stormy Seas!”

My other student also loves it and is very excited about reaching the end of Repertoire Book 2!! I was so proud of her, as we have been working on the character trait of “diligence” all year (Hard Work Pays Off!). In the past she would try something and say, “It’s too hard” and give up, or put in minimal effort. Although the coordination in line two is difficult, she worked and worked on it in her … Read More

by Dr. Julie Knerr
I have had several requests from teachers who want to read my dissertation on beginning level piano technique. We have made it available on our website under ResourcesĀ for all who are brave enough to wade through this lengthy document. Here it is.