by Dr. Julie Knerr

Above is B’s second lesson video. Again, the lesson was 45 minutes long, and this 14 minute video is excerpted from that.

You will notice that B has found her Lion Paw Arm! The next step will be to work toward making it easy and consistent for her to access her arm weight.

Also, her rhythm is steadier than last week, and she retained what we learned in Lesson 1 very well.

New in this video are:

Hungry Herbie Hippo on the Black Keys, a Rote Piece

Finger Number introduction through decorating her hands with rings
Pre-reading practice on the whiteboard


by Dr. Julie Knerr

I have long wanted to record a longitudinal series of beginning piano lessons to show the progress of one student over the long term.

Inspired by Irina Gorin’s wonderful teaching videos, I have decided to finally start my own series of videos.

Above is the very first lesson for a new student of mine, whom I will call B. She is the younger sister of another another student of mine who is currently in Piano Safari Level 2.

B just turned 6 years old and has had no previous piano experience (except occasional sessions with her sister). As you will see, she is delightful and full of fun. She is starting her piano studies in Piano Safari Level 1.

This video is not perfect, because it is a live, … Read More