by Dr. Julie Knerr

 Why Partner Lessons?

Partner Lessons are a great way for students to begin their piano study. Not only is it more fun to learn with another person, but it is a great way for teachers to generate more income.

Both Katherine and I have taught many pairs of partners in the past. I am currently teaching only one Partner Lesson due to the transition in my teaching this year, but I hope to have many more duo pairs in the future!

Variety in Pieces

Piano Safari lends itself well to Partner Lessons, due to the variety in pieces. Because some children are more visually oriented, while others are more aurally inclined, the mixture of Reading Pieces and Rote Pieces appeals to both kinds of learners and allows students … Read More

by Dr. Julie Knerr

I hope you are enjoying watching “B’s” Videos about her journey through the first stages of Piano Safari Level 1.

I thought it would be nice to follow a student through Piano Safari Level 2 also.

Introducing “S.” She is 8 years old and has had a year of piano. She just finished Piano Safari Level 1, and below shows excerpts from her first lesson in Piano Safari Level 2.


This video shows the progress of B, a 6 year old beginner. Highlights in this video:

B has a lot of confidence at the piano “This is so easy!”
B graduates to Unit 1
B’s first Reading Piece and Sight Reading Cards

Enjoy seeing her progress.