by Dr. Julie Knerr

Last night at my monthly Studio Class, after a rousing game of Flamingo Bingo (I’ll write a blog post about that), I had the kids gather around the table to review terms. Even though these children are all in Piano Safari Level 2, I reviewed the terms from Level 1, and they thought it was the best thing ever to call out the answers. “QUARTER NOTE!!!!! TA!!!!! 1 BEAT!!!!” Who knew quarter notes were so exciting (Secretly, I wish I was from the UK or Australia so I could call talk about “crotchets” and “quavers” instead of quarter and eighth notes. Those are such fun words!)

It was an extremely easy studio class segment for me to teach, as all I had to do was flip through the terms on my IPad, and the kids really thought it was great to see how many they knew. Next time, we will review Level 1 Terms and move on to Level 2 Terms.

Because I know all you teachers probably don’t have the time to compile all the terms from Piano Safari into one PDF download, I have done it for you. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! We are giving you this free Terms Download to aid you in your teaching, or for parents/students would like to download it to practice.

Terms are listed in order they appear in the corresponding book. The white pages are for the student to identify, identify the term, and the gray pages that follow show the answers (for those visual learners!).

 Quarter Note Terms 1
Quarter Note Def Terms 1
I would not suggest printing it, unless you want to use all the ink in your printer! Just download it onto your device and scroll through.

Here they are! Enjoy!

Repertoire Book 1 Terms

Repertoire Book 2 Terms

In addition, here is a PDF for practicing Note Names:

Note Name Practice for Repertoire Book 2

Here is a video explaining our system for introducing Note Names on the Staff, which we do at the beginning of Piano Safari Level 2.

Also, if any of our UK or Australian friends would like to tell me which slides need different names (like the crotchet), I would be happy to make a version for you. Just comment on this post.