We are so excited about the launch of our latest release, Piano Safari Friends! This book is a piano method for our youngest students, ages four to six. Students who complete Piano Safari Friends are well set up to continue into Piano Safari Level 1. In case you missed our recent webinar exploring Piano Safari Friends, below is the replay video. As you will see described in the video, some highlights of this innovative series include:

Follow the Leader Pieces. This innovative new type of piece allows our youngest students to be successful at their first attempts at playing the piano in great sounding pieces!

Rote Pieces. In keeping with our philosophy of the importance of Rote Pieces for beginning students, newly composed Rote Pieces are included in each unit of the book.

Technique. Four Technique Exercises from Piano Safari Level 1 are presented in simplified format to prepare students for Level 1.

Reading notation is not a primary focus of this book, as we feel it is more age appropriate to focus on playing and listening at this young age. However, two reading exercises are presented in each unit to prepare students for the more extensive reading instruction they will encounter in Level 1.

Listening pages acquaint students with Classical music.

Activities and Songs allow for off the bench fun!

Improvisation Pieces provide students with a creative way to explore sounds at the piano.

I taught a 4-year-old student this summer (you will see her featured in the webinar videos), and she loved Piano Safari Friends! We hope you and your students will too!