By Dr. Julie Knerr Hague

In our Lesson Planning Webinar, I referenced a series of five paintings my mom made to highlight the phases it takes to bring a painting from sketch to beautiful work of visual art. This mirrors the phases student pass through when learning a complicated piece, from learning the notes and rhythms to refining and polishing all the details of articulation, dynamics, pedal, and style, leading to the creation of a beautiful work of sound art.

I commissioned my mom to create this series of paintings to explain this process to my students, especially those entering the intermediate phase of study, when their pieces become longer and more complicated.

This was my first week of teaching for the new school year, and I explained the painting progression to my students this week. They immediately grasped the concept of working to polish and perfect their pieces, creating beautiful works of sound art. Please feel free to download and use this series of five paintings to to explain this transition from beginning stages of study to intermediate and advanced phases of study. I hope your students enjoy them as well.

Sunflower Pictures