Compositions by Chee-Hwa Tan encourage students to explore sound images at the piano while developing technical skills necessary for artistic playing.

Through the Windowpane, A Child’s Garden of Verses, and Windy Nights and Other Tales contain pieces that correspond to poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. They are suitable for elementary, late elementary and intermediate skill levels.

Circus Sonatinas is a set of two three-movement Sonatinas, and is suitable for late elementary students.

A Royal Birthday Celebration: Suite in Baroque Style is a collection of seven dances inspired by the Baroque composers Bach, Handel, and Telemann. The overall theme of the suite is set at a royal court during a birthday celebration.

Once Upon a Journey Book 1 is a set of five early intermediate pieces that explore emotion through the power of story and sound.

The Chee Hwa Tan Pack contains four of the above products.