Piano Safari is an innovative method series based on extensive pedagogical research and practice. Katherine Fisher and Dr. Julie Knerr Hague combined decades of teaching experience and study into an engaging and effective method for both children and older students. Piano Safari contains multiple levels of repertoire and theory books, along with sight reading cards and other supplements. We also provide piano teachers with a robust library of guides and resources.

At the Piano Safari Pedagogy Institute, we understand the importance of flexible learning options to accommodate busy schedules. That’s why we offer both pre-recorded and live classes, allowing you to choose the format that suits your needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of self-paced learning or the interactive nature of live Zoom sessions, our courses ensure that you can benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by the authors.

The initial courses at the Piano Safari Pedagogy Institute focus on Piano Safari Friends and Piano Safari Level 1. By participating in these courses, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Piano Safari curriculum and effective teaching practices. The authors will continue to add higher levels courses in the future.

The Piano Safari Pedagogy Institute goes beyond the specific curricular materials. The courses also offer comprehensive discussions on topics that are relevant to all piano teachers. These include practice strategies, student motivation, lesson planning, group teaching, and more. By engaging in these broader conversations, you’ll acquire a pedagogical framework that will benefit your teaching practice as a whole.

Enrolling in the Piano Safari Pedagogy Institute will enhance your teaching and provide new possibilities for the musical growth of your students. By engaging in the specialized training offered by the authors, you’ll gain the confidence and expertise needed to create engaging and effective piano lessons.

How does it work?

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Piano Safari Friends Pedagogy Class (Live Zoom)

Piano Safari Level 1 Pedagogy Course (Live Zoom)

Piano Safari Friends Prerecorded Course

Piano Safari Level 1 Prerecorded Course

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