Lake Anna Parkway
Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia | United States

Amy Shirk

My home studio is located near Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA. I’ve been teaching for almost 30 years. I became interested in the Piano Safari books when they first came out because of the parallels between Piano Safari and Suzuki. I have 3 years training in Suzuki, and have completed certification up to Book 3. I offer lessons in piano, organ, and music theory to students of all ages and levels of advancement, including 4 yr old beginners up to students auditioning for college music programs.

Students have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, including the NFMC Festival and Guild Auditions, as well as several other festivals and competitions sponsored by our local music teachers’ organization.

I’m a (sighted) certified Braille transcriber, and am working towards the Music Braille transcriber’s certificate (through NLS and the NFB).

Students have opportunities to practice their pieces on my harpsichord and organ as well.