Melissa, Texas | United States

BJ Harman

One of my favorite sources of joy is watching students delight in learning a new song or skill and excitedly sharing it with their friends and family. Having taught piano for 30 years, I have taken hundreds of students along their musical journey. With degrees in music education along with decades of teaching piano and professional accompanying in schools and churches, I seek to prepare each student to fit their musical skills into any situation. Many previous students have graduated high school and found a place to use their piano in everyday life and some have continued on to pursue music degrees.

Experiencing fun and motivating music and activities while learning foundational skills, student’s encounter music in a way that connects with their personal goals and interest. Pursuing artistry and creativity plus a variety of genres, students have the opportunity to foster a lifelong love for music.

Lessons are offered for ages 4-adult and take place in Melissa, Texas. Join me in pursuing your inner musician!