Kingston, Ontario | Canada

Pamela White |

Hi! My name is Pamela White and I love to hold instruments weirdly while posing for photos! I’ve been playing music since I was a toddler, and have always been drawn to learning new instruments.

Over the years, I’ve studied or picked up piano, violin, ukulele, singing (solo and choral), guitar, recorder, oboe, clarinet, drums, and bass. I also love to write and record music! I have played in orchestras, string quartets, school bands, choirs, musical theatre pits, and even a few rock bands.

My passion is for teaching beginners of all ages, abilities and interests. I’ve been doing it all my life.

Brismond Music started in 2003, when the mother of 2 boys came to me concerned that their teacher wasn’t interested in teaching beginners. I was hooked right away. I have never met a kid who doesn’t like music, and I love working out how to help them make the music they enjoy!