2320 Oakridge Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana | United States

Carly Ingalls |

My name is Carly Ingalls, and I run a private piano studio right here in beautiful Fort Wayne, IN. I offer piano lessons for children and adults from a beginner to advanced level.
Every individual learns differently, and I believe in getting to know my students and using methods that suit them specifically. I teach a broad range of skills and styles; including sight reading, music theory, classical music, improvisation, pop, rock, worship, jazz, contemporary, and more!
One thing that sets my lessons apart is my focus on improvisation and creativity. I believe that music should be an outlet and a creative process from the start. I insist that all students get a firm foundation in the fundamentals of technique, theory, and notation; and I highlight how those fundamentals are a conduit for freedom and creativity, not opposed to it!