Columbus, Ohio | United States

Christine Taylor |

Christine Taylor has 20 years of music teaching experience ranging from positions at public and private universities, adjunct staff at public and private schools and in her private studio. Having a breadth of performing experience from performing in a professional symphony orchestra to chamber music has allowed her to bring an understanding of the level of excellence that professional players must have, but her passion for coaching, child development, adult amateurs and the pure joy of playing music at every level is where her heart is. The Piano Safari Method is her favorite method for beginning piano students – both children and adults because of the thorough and well-thought out approach to all aspects of musicality. Christine has spent the most time as a classically trained musician, but is continuing to develop as a teacher for other genres and styles of playing. She currently teaches students from age 4 through adult. Christine has taught class piano for music majors at two colleges, and has played the piano since age 7, and has long been actively interested in piano pedagogy, but her degrees are in flute performance. Her Bachelor of Music degree was from The Ohio State University and her Master of Music degree was from the University of Minnesota, where she attended as a Berneking Fellow and was additionally named as a teaching assistant for courses in ethnomusicology and music history.