2615 North Locust Street
Denton, Texas | United States

Tonya Blum |

Coyote Music Studio is owned and operated by Tonya Blum Lincoln, a Board Certified Music therapist, who specializes in Music Therapy for all ages and Early Childhood Music Education. ​Coyote Music Studio’s mission is to bring affordable music therapy and music education to Denton County.

Services provided in the private studio:
Lessons in piano, flute, ukulele, and beginner voice.
Music Therapy for all ages using a variety of techniques depending on the client’s needs and abilities.

Programs and Classes for hire:
Music Parties & the Instrument Petting Zoo
Puppet Show!
Family Music Class, 0-6 years
Homeschool Music Class, 7 and up
Music & Mindfulness for Families

Music Therapy and Music Classes are not separate in this studio.
All classes are designed so students of all abilities can have fun learning music together no matter their current level and achieve progress in age appropriate developmental skills (such as improving communication skills, increasing fine and gross motor skills, improving social/emotional states, increasing academic knowledge, increasing coping/relaxation skills, improving quality of life, and others).