Manchester, England | United Kingdom

Angela Lloyd-Mostyn |

At Didsbury Piano, piano lessons are creative, exciting and tailored to the individual pace, style and goals of each student.

My curriculum begins with Piano Safari as a foundation which has totally transformed my approach to teaching!

Students always have exciting, inspiring music to play that makes them feel and sound great. They look forward to performing in our concerts because they know they are playing music they love!

Reading is carefully structured to ease students from sound to symbol right from lesson one.

Rote learning/pattern pieces gets them playing more sophicated pieces early on in their learning, helps them understand musical structure, and become confident memorisers.

Progress is celebrated and benchmarked throughout the courses, and students can also prepare for music examinations if they want to. We hold termly performances where they can play on a grand piano.

Regular practice is essential in order to make good progress, and I show students how to practise and give them clear targets for each week. Small incentives and studio challenges are there for a boost and to challenge students to develop grit and growth mindset!

We regularly improvise and add our own ideas to music. The improvs are often our favourite thing to do and a great way to learn technique, listening skills and feel the joy of expressing your own music!

Primary school aged students in particular have lots of games, activities and a playful learning style, with tailor-made resources to enhance the lesson experience.

Our piano lessons are inclusive and I care deeply about meeting the needs of and “getting” each student.
I have experience teaching children with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, sensory needs etc.

I teach privately (in a beautiful music room in my home) , as well at West Didsbury CE Primary School, Manchester High School For Girls, and the Manchester Grammar School.

I’ve taught piano for 19 years and have a BMus, PGDip and PGCE.