Connells Point, New South Wales | Australia

Gianna Cheung |

G Major Studios is a private music studio based in South Sydney that specialises in classical flute, piano and music theory. We aim to provide holistic musical education by combining traditional and non-traditional formats of learning to make music a skill and a passion for life.

My aim is to provide a holistic learning experience so music becomes a life-long passion for all. I enjoy sharing my passion for music and hope to instil that same love and appreciation in all of my students. It’s my belief that every student has their own unique path in music to follow, and so I always strive to work according to each student’s individual needs. In my classroom, the joy of learning is the primary focus, and having fun is just as important as developing excellent technique.

My teaching methods are a culmination of all of my own experiences in music and academia while also drawing influences from my many personal interests. As someone who loves learning new things, I am constantly researching and developing new ways of teaching music so that anyone is able to get the best possible education they can from my studio. I aim to provide a well-rounded musical education not only by building the necessary musical and performance skills, but by providing an insight into performing in the music industry, and by reinforcing how learning an instrument benefits your life.