2103 South Wadsworth Boulevard
Lakewood, Colorado | United States

Thomas Hoops |

As an avid triathlete Thomas Hoops is all about movement. He has studied Alexander Technique with Phillis Richmond and has done extensive research on the movement principles of Rudolf von Laban. Mr. Hoops always physically participates in the movement activities creating a music lab that is bustling with enjoyment. With decades of training and racing on his resume, Mr. Hoops focuses on the details of movement, balance, and breath with the studio activities.

Thomas Hoops holds a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Music, magna cum laude, and a Master’s of Music Degree in Music Education. He is certified in Elementary General Music (level I) by the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML.org). He is currently the president of the Foothills Music Teachers Association (FMTA) 2023-2025.