Wellsville, Utah | United States

Kadie Stokes

My name is Kadie Stokes. I’m a piano and organ teacher. I started piano lessons when I was eight years old, like the rest of my brothers and sisters. For different reasons, my siblings eventually stopped taking lessons. As a piano teacher now, I hope to motivate and inspire people to play the piano and teach in a way that would have helped my siblings persevere. I believe that children and adults should have fun and find joy in playing the piano, regardless of their skill. Learning the piano can transition to doing better in school, persevering in other areas in life, managing and expressing our emotions in a healthy way, and is a great start to learning other instruments. I have a teaching degree from Utah State University, was an elementary school educator for five years, and have studied piano for many years.

I believe in:
Providing quality lessons that are fun and educational
Teaching necessary skills as well as enjoying music and creating a lifelong appreciation for the piano
Focusing and catering to my students’ interests and achieving for student satisfaction
Furthering my own learning and research to ensure my lessons are relevant and interesting

Join my studio if you are interested in fun learning games, a positive experience learning the piano, playing with beauty and passion, or creating music.