933 Olive Street
Florence, Alabama | United States

Linda Lightsey

Piano Studio Mission Statement

I believe that music is a gift. It makes life richer and more hopeful. It is important. It is for everyone. It is to be shared. Music provides a means or personal and corporate connection and expression for every season of life. I cannot think of anything I would rather do than to teach music.
My goal is to develop lifelong learners, fluent in the history, language, and performance of piano music. I greatly enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities. Each age and stage of development has its challenges, and delights. I learn and grow through the process of teaching students how to accomplish goals successfully.
My teaching style, choice of curriculum, and approach are flexible, diverse, and customized. After an initial interview with students, I plan according to their individual learning style. I use several published methods, but find especially good success with the Piano Safari method for beginners. As students develop, I incorporate pieces by modern composers as well as iconic compositions from all eras and genres. Although playing the piano is serious business, I try to make it fun. For example, I use technology, apps, props, and a lending library, to sharpen skills, and sustain students’ curiosity, interest, and excitement about playing the piano. I make sure students leave lessons knowing what to do, and feeling that they can master the assignments well.
Parents are partners in their child’s piano journey, and I value their input when planning students’ goals each year. As the “boots on ground” in the early years of lessons, parents benefit from my guidance in the best ways to help their child be successful. I expect parents to use on-boarding tips that I provide, relating to their student in an encouraging manner, and structuring their home environment for successful practice sessions. Communication is key. Weekly assignment pages are to be reviewed by parents. Parents receive a printed and emailed calendar at the year’s start. They are invited to join the private studio FaceBook page, read teacher generated emails, and take displayed event brochures for upcoming activities. General “a-ha” moments, hard earned victories with pieces, or delightful student insights are frequently shared with parents!
Positive performance experiences are extremely important for piano students. Performing teaches students to set goals, pace their practicing effectively, strive for their best, develop poise under pressure, and to be gracious when a performance goes well or not. This generates confidence and character in piano playing, and in life.
Teaching piano is a privilege, one that I enjoy greatly, and take seriously. I appreciate the opportunity to teach all my students, and will provide each of them with the best lessons and training I can offer.