Rapid City, South Dakota | United States

Melody McGeary |

Melody’s Piano Studio in Rapid City emphasizes individualized instruction, inclusiveness, enjoyment, community, and quality.

Individualized Instruction:
Lesson are tailored to each student’s needs. Through one-on-one and small group interactions, students get specific attention and move at their own pace.

Melody’s Piano Studio takes students of any age and ability. Whether you’re 3 years old, live with a disability, or are an adult beginner, there’s a place for you at Melody’s Piano Studio! Not only do we accept students of all abilities, we are trained and equipped to see them thrive. In 2021, Melody completed training on teaching piano to students with disabilities or special needs through Notable Music Education. She has worked with students with Down syndrome, ADHD, and cerebral palsy.

A teacher’s excitement about music is contagious, and piano lessons should cultivate an enjoyment of music. Melody establishes a friendly, encouraging atmosphere that motivates students to ask questions and take risks that facilitate learning. She uses game-based instruction, and aims to create a positive musical experience.

Learning to play the piano is often a solitary experience (especially when compared to sports, or even an orchestral instrument)—not at Melody’s Piano Studio! Through buddy lessons, performance classes, recitals, and musicianship classes, students develop a sense of community around the studio. The studio also regularly participates in community outreach through Christmas recitals.

Though we tailor our instruction to a student’s needs, we also use our expertise to monitor student progress and set goals to keep students on track. We presume competence and have high expectations for our students. Melody’s Piano Studio offers a comprehensive curriculum to create well-rounded musicians that enjoy music for a lifetime. Melody is has been teaching for over 15 years, holds a bachelor of music in performance from Ithaca College, is a member of Vibrant Music Teaching, and is nationally certified through the Music Teachers National Association. She also regularly participates in trainings and conferences to further improve her skills.