1 Maybury Gardens
England | United Kingdom

Marta Maroto |

MMQ Piano Studio is a specialized piano school in NW London. As of 2023, we count around 200 students (ages 4 through adults) and 11 teachers. All our teachers have degrees from renowned conservatoires, pedagogy education and receive continuous professional development and mentorship at MMQ. Their biographies can be checked at the MMQ website.

We strive to offer high-quality lessons in a fun environment, using Piano Safari as our main curriculum. Our teaching strategies are highly informed by the Music Learning Theory by Edwin Gordon, which explains in detail the processes involved when learning music.

Our aim is to educate lifelong music lovers through a holistic education that not only focuses on music reading, but also on other important skills such as improvisation, composition, arrangements and playing by ear. Piano Safari materials are the perfect support for our approach.

MMQ students have the chance to perform each term at our studio concerts, give graduation recitals each time that they finish a level in our curriculum, prepare for exams, participate in Festivals (both performance and composition ones) and receive extra theory lessons.