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Pamela Gafkjen |

“If my students are not enjoying the journey of musical learning, I will not be an effective educator!”

Something was missing with so many students…the joy of engaging with others, the freedom to experiment creatively, and the motivation to continue learning. I sought to find ways that would make playing music fun! I also began to change how I approached teaching, both in the classroom and in the piano studio.

I listened to students share their interests more, included additional group opportunities, and strived to see lots of smiles and laughter! I observed that students began to progress faster, were eager to attend class, and stuck with their musical studies longer! I even enjoyed teaching music more! To this day, the best feedback I still love to hear from students is, “That was so much fun!”

Currently, I teach specialized music (K-5) at Kennedy Elementary, direct the Kennedy Comet Youth Choirs, and lead piano instruction at Pamela’s Piano Academy. In the summer, I serve as a graduate professor at MSUM (Moorhead) in the Kodaly Certification Program, specializing in the Pedagogy and Folksong Analysis Courses.

Bachelor of Science in Music Education & Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction @ MSUM
National Certification in Pedagogical Studies: Kodaly (Levels 1-3) & Orff (Level 1)

My background musical experience consists of directing numerous school/church elementary and secondary choirs, running an established piano studio, preparing students for piano and choral festivals/contests, hosting public performances for school and community events, and so much more.

Keeping music fun for me includes sharing the love of music with my children, listening to live music in the area, playing piano or music at home, taking dance classes, and playing keys and vocals with the band, “DRIVE”.