1 Hermitage Street
Cheltenham, Victoria | Australia

Janet Collins

“When I was just a little girl, I recall fondly my daddy playing musical games with me. He was my very first music teacher. He was a proficient musician. He bought me my very first toy grand piano when I was only 3 and I would play joyfully and sing to my heart’s content. Then came the formal classes with him always there to cheer me on (especially when I wasn’t keen to practise). I am thankful for the opportunity I was given those early days. To show my gratefulness, I continued in my studies in completing my diploma in pianoforte as a gift to him. My Mum left her own unique legacy to me with lots of dancing and singing and coupled with dad, gave me a holistic introduction to music. Now I have the pleasure and joy of passing on my experience to the next generation.
Who is Janet?
Janet lives with her hubby Shaun in a quaint 3-bedroom seaside cottage home in Cheltenham. She has 3 wonderful adult children. Her favourite pass time is gardening, teaching, supporting young families on many levels and singing to her Guinea Pig ‘Sir Eric’. Janet has led a number of choral groups -young and old. Janet has played in ensemble work, sung, and played at weddings/multiple functions alike. Janet has been involved in teaching piano and music at a primary school level and currently is owner and operator of Mini Maestros Preschool Music Program from 0- 5 years.
Janet has a passion to support young children grounding them in the pianoforte which we know encompasses all instruments. Janet also believes that singing is the most beautiful instrument given to mankind. Janet believes anyone can sing if given encouragement, direction, and support.
Janet loves delivering the ‘Pianisimo’ piano program which incorporates several methodologies.
Contact: Janet Collins
Mobile: 0425 806 037
Current Teaching Locations: South Port Community Centre 154 Liardet Street Port Melbourne & Elwood Scout Hall 85 Ormond Road Elwood