96 Tantawangalo Mountain Road
Candelo, New South Wales | Australia

Rebecca Stewart |

Rebecca grew up listening to her three older sisters practice their musical instruments. She delighted in her childhood music lessons and wanted to teach young children in a fun and creative way. Her piano teacher at Melbourne University recommended the Yamaha method, and Rebecca taught with Yamaha Music Education Centres from 1998 to 2018. She loved being a national teacher trainer with Yamaha. In Tokyo, she presented a session as Australia’s representative at the Yamaha World Teacher’s Forum. In Toronto, she worked with a cohort of international teachers to learn how to train others in the Yamaha Music Wonderland course for three-year-olds. In 2016 Rebecca went to Jakarta where her eight-year-old Yamaha student performed his original composition at the Asia Pacific Junior Original Concert. Her first book “Sight Reading Secrets Grade One” was published in 2004, and there are now nine books in the series. In 2023, Rebecca worked with Tim Topham and the team at TopMusicPro in the development of their Teacher Certification program, which she plans to be involved with for many years to come.