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Montréal-Ouest, Québec | Canada

Roslyn Weinstein |

Musical Background
Roslyn began taking music lessons at the age of 4. After a number of years of private lessons, she eventually studied at the McGill Conservatory and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Music degree at McGill University, majoring in Performance, where she studied with Dorothy Morton, Charles Reiner and Esther Master. Roslyn has been a prize winner at the NDG Arts & Letters Festival (currently the Montreal Classical Music Festival) and has played piano as an accompanist at the Annual Hungarian Ball and for the Montreal Suzuki Association Violin Institute.

She continues her professional development by regularly attending music teaching conventions and seminars on piano pedagogy (e.g., University of Oberlin, Summer Piano Institute; University of Maryland, William Kappell Competition and Seminar).
Professional Association Memberships
Canadian National Conservatory of Music (CNCM)

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

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Teaching Experience
In her 40+ years of experience, Roslyn has developed a bank of strategies – such as visualization, word-rhythm associations and whole-body involvement – to help students learn to play piano with accurate technique and musicality.

Roslyn has taught the McGill Conservatory and the Conservatory Canada curricula; at present, she works with the Canadian National Conservatory of Music (CNCM) curriculum, and she is on the CNCM examining board.
Student Successes
­ The majority of Roslyn’s students take the CNCM exams and succeed with an average performance exam grade above 90%. Her students:
Have been prize winners, earning the highest grade in their age category in Canada.
­Have ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Montreal Classical Music Festival.
­Regularly achieved first place results with McGill Conservatory exams.
Had the highest grades in Quebec doing the Conservatory Canada exams