The Piano Safari Friends Student Pack is intended to prepare students for Piano Safari Level 1. Its aim is to provide young children with rich and enjoyable musical experiences through imitating, improvising, singing, moving, and learning the fundamentals of rhythmic notation and pre-staff reading. Recommended age is 4-6. The main book comes with a corresponding Sticker Book, a PDF of the Piano Decorating Kit, a PDF of the Alphabet Leaves, and accompanying audio tracks.

Click here for a PDF Sampler of pieces and activities from the beginning of the book!

Click here for a free download of “Colors Shine,” a Follow the Leader Piece from Unit 2.

Here is a Follow the Leader Video for “Colors Shine.” This is best used after the piece has been introduced at the lesson, and is intended for home practice.


Following are sample pages from the book. After the initial explanation pages, each type of piece or exercise is included.