Piano Decorating Kit


The Piano Decorating Kit consists of colorful pieces that are designed to be placed on the keyboard. Students use the pieces to identify groups of two and three black keys. The white keys are found in relation to the black keys.

Product Information: 77 Pieces (9 A’s, 9 B’s, 9 C’s, 8 D’s, 8 E’s, 8 F’s, 8 G’s, 7 Zebra Triangles, 7 Giraffe Rectangles, 4 blank pieces)

Hardcopy version available in the US, UK, and EU


The Piano Decorating Kit correlates with Piano Safari Friends. It may also be used with Piano Safari Level 1 or with any other piano method.

To decorate the piano, have the student do the following:

  • Place the zebra triangles on the groups of two black keys.
  • Place the giraffe rectangles on the groups of three black keys.
  • Choose a letter, and place all of that letter on the piano. Continue to add letter groups until every key is decorated.


Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Purchasing Options

Hardcopy Version (not available in AU), Digital Version Single User


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