Piano Safari London Workshops


Join author Katherine Fisher to learn more about the pedagogy of the Piano Safari method. Composer Juan Cabeza will present on creative ideas to explore repertoire. Participants may choose between a complementary Level 1 Pack or Older Student Level 1 Pack.

London | May 26 | 9:45 – 2:00

Craxton Studios

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Schedule of Events

9:45 | Hall Opens

10:00 | Rote and Reading: The Development of Aural and Visual Literacy

  • Teaching by rote (by imitation without initial reference to the score) allows students to develop their memory, ears, and technique, but learning to read notation is vitally important as well. The author, Katherine Fisher, will show examples of reading and rote pieces from all three Piano Safari series (Piano Safari Friends, the core Piano Safari method, and Piano Safari for the Older Student) and discuss how these different types of pieces will enhance a student’s overall musical literacy.

11:15 | Refreshments

11:30 | The Essentials of Beginning Technique

  • Students can learn to play with excellent technique from the very beginning. Based on Dr. Julie Knerr Hague’s extensive doctoral research, the Piano Safari Technical Exercises focus on the technical motions that are essential for proper development. Explore strategies for teaching fundamental concepts such as arm weight, rounded hand shape, rotation, and fast repeated notes to beginners of all ages.

12:30 | Break

12:45 | Beyond the Piece: Creative Ideas to Explore Repertoire

  • The study of repertoire provides excellent opportunity to explore musical elements with students. In his workshop, Juan Cabeza will discuss the following:
    • Guiding students to find patterns in every piece they play.
    • Creating and improvising music based on the pieces.
    • Understanding music notation through listening and rhythmic activities.
    • Changing the pieces to explore different elements such as meter, rhythm, key, and tempo.
    • Connecting previously learned concepts with new ones.

1:45 | Questions

2:00 | End

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Workshop and Level 1 Pack, Workshop and Older Student Level 1 Pack


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