The following Piano Safari products are available on SuperScore.

SuperScore is an app for iPad that enables musicians to view and interact with music scores. When you purchase a Piano Safari product on SuperScore, the PDF for each page is provided, and is followed by a play-along version of the piece with accompaniment. Pianists are able to change the tempo, alter the size of the score, mark on the page, and engage or mute each part.

The app is a free download. All the materials are purchased separately within the app. Once the app is downloaded, a list of publishers is provided. Choose “Piano Safari” from the store to find the products listed below.

Level 1 SuperScore Material

  • Repertoire Book 1
  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards 1
  • Older Student Repertoire & Technique Book 1
  • Older Student Sight Reading & Theory Book 1
  • Animal Adventures
  • Pattern Pieces 1

Level 2 SuperScore Material

  • Repertoire Book 2
  • Technique Book 2
  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards 2
  • Pattern Pieces 2

Level 3 SuperScore Material

  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards 3

Supplemental Material

  • The Chee-Hwa Tan collection: A Child’s Garden of Verses, Circus Sonatinas, Through the Windowpane, and Windy Nights and Other Tales.
  • The Joy of Christmas Books 1, 2, 3, 4

Sheet Music

  • By Christopher Fisher: Highland Bagpipes, Piney Woods Boogie, Sunrise Over the Yangtze, and Valse Melancolique
  • By Julie Knerr Hague: Shadows at Dusk