This page contains a range of piano teaching supplements for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Whether you’re teaching with Piano Safari or another method, these products provide additional learning opportunities for students.

Supplements include:

  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards
  • Additional Card Supplements
  • Pattern Pieces (Rote Pieces)
  • Piano solos

Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards

If you purchased a Piano Safari Level 1 Pack or Level 2 Pack, you already have the Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards.

We include them here on the supplements page because these products work well with other programs while also functioning as a key component of our method.

The Sight Reading Card Pack contains cards for Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Additional Card Supplements

The following card supplements may be used with any piano method.

Piano Safari Friends and Level 1 Card Supplements

Animal Rhythm Patterns are commonly occurring rhythms that students learn to recognize on sight at the beginning of study. This card set contains notated rhythms and corresponding animal pictures for students to match.

Music Alphabet Cards are designed for use at the beginning of study to aid students in learning the Music Alphabet and corresponding notes on the keyboard.

Interval Cards provide extra reinforcement in reading 2nds and 3rds on the staff for preschoolers and students with special needs, while also serving as a useful review for any student.

The Piano Decorating Kit consists of colorful pieces that are designed to be placed on the keyboard. Students use the pieces to identify groups of two and three black keys, and the white keys are found in relation to the black keys.

Level 2 Card Supplements

Major Triads are designed to correlate with the triads introduced in Piano Safari Levels 2 and 3. They may be used in private lessons or in group classes to reinforce the names of major triads in root position.

Minor Triads are designed to correlate with the triads introduced in Piano Safari Levels 2 and 3. They may be used in private lessons or in group classes to reinforce the names of minor triads in root position.

Note Name Cards cover a four octave range from Low C to High C. They are designed to help students instantly recognize notes on the staff. Three suggested methods of introduction are included.

Level 3 Card Supplements

Chord Inversion Cards correlate with Piano Safari Level 3, but may be used with any piano method. Inversions in the keys of C Major, A Minor, G Major, E Minor, F Major, and D Minor are included.

Chord Progression Cards correlate with the chord progression introduced in Piano Safari Level 3. The keys of C Major, A Minor, G Major, E Minor, F Major, and D Minor are included.

Practice Strategy Cards contains 40 different strategies for use at the lesson and at home. These creative approaches to practice will benefit students of all levels.

Pattern Pieces

We designed the Pattern Pieces books to supplement any standard piano method. As the name implies, they contain pattern-based pieces to be taught by rote.

Pattern Pieces can be used in conjunction with Animal Adventures, which contains the animal technical exercises found in Repertoire Book 1, along with the corresponding Improvisation Pieces and Rote Pieces.


The Ready to Play series by Sally Cathcart provides essential musicianship skills for beginners. Listening and musical understanding are emphasized from the start to provide students with a solid foundation. Children will be thoroughly engaged by the wide range of activities and musical experiences!

Supplemental music books

The compositions by Chee Hwa Tan encourage students to explore and express sound images at the piano while developing specific technical skills necessary for artistic playing.

Through the Windowpane, A Child’s Garden of Verses, and Windy Nights and Other Tales are sets of pieces that correspond to poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. They are suitable for elementary, late elementary and intermediate skill levels, respectively.

Circus Sonatinas is a set of two three-movement Sonatinas, and is suitable for late elementary skill levels. The Chee-Hwa Tan Pack contains four of her books.

A Royal Birthday Celebration: Suite in Baroque Style is a collection of seven dances inspired by the Baroque composers Bach, Handel, and Telemann. The overall theme of the suite is set at a royal court during a birthday celebration.

Once Upon a Journey Book 1 is a collection of five early intermediate pieces that explore emotion through the power of story and sound. Students interact with the music using the included “Your Journey” pages that encourage journaling and creative expression.

The Diversions books by Juan Cabeza each contain 21 patterned etudes. Each etude focuses on a single technical pattern that students may encounter in the early stages of piano study: scales, arpeggios, chords, repeated notes, intervals, and other common pianistic patterns.

The Diversions Pack contains both Diversions books.

Miniatures contains 24 intermediate level pieces in all major and minor keys.

Piano Train Trips is a collection of 18 etudes with a series of supplementary exercises.

Chee Hwa Tan and Juan Cabeza supplements also appear in our guest composers section.

Czerny Etudes for the Progressing Pianist is a graded anthology of works by Carl Czerny. Books 1 and 2 contain etudes chosen specifically to aid technical skills and sight reading development in the intermediate student. Books 3 and 4 will be available soon!

The Joy of Hymns Book 1 features student/teacher duets at the elementary level and is appropriate for students studying in Piano Safari Levels 1 and 2.

Composition Book 1 provides step-by-step guidance to help intermediate students compose and notate. Model pieces in different styles are provided.