Your guide through the safari

This page contains links to teaching resources for Piano Safari Level 1, including:

  • Repertoire Book 1 Table of contents, Certificate, Teacher Guide, Unit Maps and Accompaniment Transpositions for 2018 and 2008 editions
  • Card supplements for “Crouching Lion Roaring Lion” and “I Like Bananas” from Unit 1
  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards 1 Teacher Guide
  • Animal Adventures
  • Pattern Pieces 1
  • Video Links

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Repertoire Book 1 Table of Contents and Certificate

Repertoire Book 1 Teacher Guide

Find Teacher Guides for Level 1 organized by unit below.

Make sure to choose the appropriate edition (2018 or 2008).



Repertoire Book Level 1 Videos

Unit Map Instructions

Download the Unit Map for the unit your student is working on. Print it on cardstock and tape it together or put it in a binder. When you assign a piece, the student glues the corresponding Piece Card on the appropriate place on the Unit Map. If you would like, you may put a sticker on the Piece Card as the student masters the piece, and another sticker for memorizing the piece. At each lesson, play through all the pieces on the Unit Map. This allows the student to master and review the content in each unit and lessens the focus on “passing pieces.” Upon completion of everything on the Unit Map, the student graduates to the Unit Map for the next unit.


Unit Maps Level 1

For review purposes or for use with other methods, the Sight Reading & Rhythm Card portion of the Unit Maps are consolidated on the page below.

Sight Reading Card Check Off Level 1


Accompaniment Transpositions

Make sure to choose the correct edition. Links to pdf will open in new window.

Accompaniment Transposition Level 1 2018

Accompaniment Transposition Level 1 2008


Use these for reviewing concepts and terms used in Level 1. Each page with the term is followed by a page with the answer.

Level 1 Terms

Card supplements

Cards for teaching “Roaring Lion, Crouching Lion” improvisation and “I Like Bananas,” both from Unit 1 of the Repertoire Book for Level 1.

Each of these buttons links to a pdf with specific directions for using the cards to teach these pieces.

Roaring Lion, Crouching Lion

I Like Bananas

Banana Pattern

Sight Reading & Rhythm Level 1

Guide for using the Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards that come with Level 1 Pack.

Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards 1 Guide

Animal Adventures

The Piano Safari Animal Adventures book is designed to supplement any standard beginning
method series.

All pieces in this book are designed to be taught by rote, with limited reference to the score.

Click below for pdfs of the teacher resources.

Animal Adventures Teacher Guide

Roaring Lion Crouching Lion Cards

Safari Friends Cards


Pattern Pieces Level 1

Pattern Pieces 1 is designed to supplement any reading method with pieces that are to be taught by rote.

Click below for links to pdfs of Pattern Pieces 1 supplements.

Teacher Guide for Pattern Pieces 1

I Like Bananas Cards

I Love Coffee Cards

Martians Come to Town Cards



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